Can’t wait to keep going and c what other changes I have. While collagen is essential for glowing skin, it's not the only thing that helps. And my hair, I don’t have a before pic but it feels great now and the pic shows how glossy it is. - Sophie, My overall results have only just started to slightly show. - Jill, Delighted with my glowing skin and thicker hair and nails so far. I am definitely an Absoluter My daughter has just returned from 6 months abroad and asked me what I have been using on my skin as she has never seen it look so good! Of the 28 different kinds of collagen within the body, marine collagen has been found to provide a plethora of perks when consumed. Do you want to join our army of proud #Absoluters below and shout about the benefits of Absolute Collagen from the rooftops? These fish collagen before and after stories have shown the many marine collagen benefits.Now you can learn about marine collagen hair growth, marine collagen peptides, marine collagen supplements, fish collagen powder and fish collagen benefits by watching this informative video.This marine collagen review video highlights fish collagen powder benefits and looks at fish collagen … Read on to discover more about the Absolute Collagens amazing results reported to us by our customers. Get in touch and share your progress images! - Carolyn, This is the first time in my life I have felt vaguely happy makeup free. - Gemma. Hi everyone! The Benefits of Marine Collagen. - Nick. Antioxidants and beauty superfoods (like sweet potato, cocoa butter, and yacon syrup) pack a powerful punch when it comes to your skin. - Jan, You can see a definite difference. - Michelle, Luv your product ... hair seems thicker skin plumper I’m 62yrs very happy - Karin, 6 weeks in. Laceby LtdRegistered in England and WalesRegistered Company No. It’s definitely enough at this early stage to make me want to continue taking absolute collagen and I hope to see even further benefits! I listen to the full coverage podcast and they're always recommending elemis. What is this inconceivable supplement, and how does it work?And thus, my relationship with collagen began.“Collagen is most commonly found in three types: After two weeks, you will start seeing the changes on the skin. Marine collagen supplements offer nutritional benefits, body benefits, and skin benefits, so you’re likely to experience improvements in more ways that you might expect. - Sophie, My overall results have only just started to slightly show. It will give you an extra dose of moisture and elasticity. The number of ‘micro furrows’ in the skin significantly decreased with the use of hydrolysed marine collagen – 26% better in 12 weeks. I first noticed a difference after 10 days when I glanced at my hands when sitting on a train. My very damaged wrinkly lips have slightly improved and for that I owe you the world as it’s the thing I’m most paranoid about as they make me look ten years older. Never in my life have I had 10 nice nails all at the same time. Thanks for a fantastic beauty product! Now I do have slightly more tanned skin due to the lovely weather, however I have no makeup on in either photo, I have think my skin looks plumper and the fine lines look less pronounced. I can see a difference after 1 month of taking Absolute Collagen - Donna, Thanks so much. Also great results on softening the lines on my face and age reversing my hands and nails. Then I got a compliment from my beauty therapist asking if I was doing something differently. If we are going to take collagen, we might as well do it smart, and get the effect of firm, bouncy skin! !I'm 52 years old and have been taking Absolute Collagen for 6 weeks...I know I've felt every sense...but honestly...when I compared the before and after pictures...I couldn't believe it.....this story is definitely to be continued....thank you Absolute Collagen! Whether you take your collagen before or after a workout, you’ll still reap all of the benefits collagen has to offer the body. I’m 41 and sadly had a miscarriage a few weeks ago and felt like my body needed some nourishment. I am a very happy customer - Shellie, I have been.using Absolute Collagen for last six weeks. The one thing that has changed that I didn’t take a picture of properly is my hair. Do you want to join our army of proud #Absoluters below and shout about the benefits of Absolute Collagen from the rooftops? - Jill, Hi, not sure if I’m doing this right and I’m not a big selfie fan but I’ve taken my before and after photos for my free box of absolute collagen.

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