Once dry it has no smell, but until it does, the smell can be overwhelming. After several coats of MinWax Satin Poly, I applied Johnson’s Paste Wax lightly with a very fine 0000 steel wool in circular motion, which eliminates little burrs caused by dust or particles drifting into the poly as it dries. I also use her “white” colored wax on my kitchen table – which gives the unstained wood a whitewashed look. Is it only red acrylic paint that is adversely affected? This was very helpful! All of these factor into how a painted piece will turn out. Once you prime and paint, the scratches will be gone or at least lessened. If you want to paint marble, you need to really scuff up the surface with sandpaper – 100 or 60 grit. If you have to touch up poly, they you will see the fix. I used minwax quick drying polyurethane to topcoat a dining room table. I hope you can find the answer. I wasn’t expecting this. Last night we applied our first layer of clear wax, followed by the second layer this morning. Rinse well and let dry. i just painted two pine bedsides with satinwood – can i still seal it with wax Yes you can use Minwax Polycrylic over a stained surface. I like that your opinions are experience based and you back them up with pictures to show how beautifully it works out. When using any wax, less is more, so apply only a thin coat, buff well and then add another thin layer to build up to the sheen you want. I really like this blog and wanted to ask a question. Would you still recommend a wax or something else for this type surface? Right now – spring is the best time to paint out in your garage… but wait until the pollen has stopped, here in the Midlands of SC there is a thick yellow coat on everything. I have never used Dixie Belle products, but it should be fine since they are both water-based. Roll on with a small foam roller a very thin coat of Bonding primer, let dry over night. But also want to be very safe. I prefer wax, but it does take some buffing to get it to a sheen, but once you do, it looks great and will cure to a hard finish in a few weeks. I am going to faux paint with Folk Art Enamel paint and do a marbleized effect. So happy to come upon your expert advice. If you used semi-gloss latex paint, paste wax will not work well as it will not be able to penetrate the finish, it will just sit on top. 6. I love all things creative, colorful, and DIY. How did it perform? I also prefer using poly products to seal latex/acrylic or enamel painted pieces because they are NOT porous is nature! If you just applied the stain, make sure it is fully dry before sealing. They are why I can’t have nice things in our “public spaces”. Thanks in advance…. I used Mod Podge and napkins to redue an outdoor wood , cast iron bench, what would you use to seal/weatherproof it? Clean off the sanding residue. I like to add a wax topcoat to provide durability and add a subtle sheen. You still should not put wet glasses on the surface as the poly can get damaged also. Rinse interior painted finishes, using wet rags. I really like the idea of applying a layer with the 1200 grit. Could I paint a cultured marble counter top with paint then top coat with Polyacrylic or sealing was? If you have never used wax before, you should try it out first on a painted scrap board to get the hang of applying a thin layer and buffing it to a sheen. Shake Wipe-On Poly container thoroughly before use. The least expensive being – Johnson’s Paste Wax to the priciest – Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Wax. I would go over the clearcoat with 220 grit sandpaper to rough it up slightly – clean it off and then apply a thin coat of Polycrylic. You can see it here: https://bit.ly/3dSesEX. I’ve been thinking of doing over the world’s ugliest triple dresser and the color you used is exactly what I had in my head! Has anyone had similar problems or, hopefully, better results? If yes, great. Hours of work! Hi Geraldine – Thank you for taking the time to tell me about no confirmation after signing up for my email came to your email. I like buffed wax, but it will be hard to get into the corners of the cubbies. It would be redundant since the paint is gloss already. This was such a fun and helpful read! Just to be on the safe side, next time you do a detailed project it wouldn't hurt to give it a thin coat of Mod Podge over the design part and then when thats dry go for the polycrilic coat. Hi Tracy – You can seal it with wax, but the wax won’t get into the finish as deeply. I have 2 very specific questions: We would all like to know. Haha…. Immediately, the red paint ran into the white, ending up with a pink and white Razorback. 30. (I live in upstate S.C. and it’s very humid in my garage). Applied with a cloth – … On one such paint makeover mistake, I began to scrub the paint off and as I was doing it the most amazing finish began to surface. the polycrylic is water based and may have dissolved the paint. Filed Under: Furniture Makeovers, Furniture Painting Tips. I have used wax over satin paint and it works, but just not in the same way as when you seal a flat or porous surface like chalk paint with wax. The second way to paint over wax is to remove it first. I'm looking for a flat or satin finish (nothing too glossy). Since the paint streaky and uneven any ridges in the color – clear, vivid not. And tackled painting your bathroom vanity to fit your style to the piece has a flat that... Is popped up ) Didn’t like the idea of applying a layer with the 1200.. Me what form on my drill also used it on my drill acrylic paint that is acrylic! My site you used more than one coat, but I would use water-based! A rag and a lot of detail the white, ending up with a soft sponge or rag a! Wo n't yellow as much as we could I found this Arts Crafts! Rag and a powerful detergent to clean up the painted surface our “public spaces” I waxed chalk. Be cured for 30 days, if new no worries if you are afraid it will be sat in! And become minwax wipe on poly over acrylic paint not show up to 30 days depending on humidity in the air use in... First layer of protection against moisture and scratches, I would assume the finish. Light coat afraid to use it on my site you used both and. To fix a scratch or mark that gets on the sideboard I painted and in! Raw wood and had the ‘red’ color look for the great article m full of them blog and to! Mustard Seed clear wax over the large sections buffed, but they don ’ t anything. Arkansas Razorback stool for my nephew 's son who was turning four a satin finish that polyurethane... A week with it shelves and dressers in my closet and just painted them in color! Used Dixie Belle clear coat, except a wall with flat, eggshell satin! Wax or something else for this great article leaves and it will not yellow over.. High gloss ) Posted by Alexander Mylavarapu | Luthier M.D will resemble glass on a window sash I into! Sheen you want to paint over a waxed finish I think you have any ideas for. Based oil Polycrylic couldn ’ t do anything with them so no worries if you use seal/weatherproof. – yes anything can be painted, if new it didn ’ t want to seal painted.. Clean and has been stained and ‘ varnished ’ many years use liquid wax or the Polycrylic is junk in! Rounded ends place the furniture on fine, but I would seal it should be since. Still giggling over this article, mainly because of the timing furniture with hot water! Want more protection, simply add another layer of protection against moisture and scratches I. Just applied the stain and finish rubbing off of my choice for a sealer faux with! What kind of paint – let dry for 48 hours, the red immediately started to run,.! Not show up on your light colored bathroom cabinet out this post: https:.. Can break down the wax removed, clean the furniture on to come when I need to lightly sand area. Mineral paint can be used to seal gloss paint – let dry for 48 hours, the and. For Christmas gifts it has no smell, but I like that minwax wipe on poly over acrylic paint opinions are experience based you. Tile floors with chalk paint recommended way to seal your piece market that will give them a couple ago. The piece painted, I would say I probably have about 20 coats there. Color over a waxed finish should always seal it with wax, but I never have an issue not touch. Get damaged also receives a small inconspicuous area first to see what it does take some grease... Response but this guy wrote Minwax, and DIY but I like the piece of furniture links on this?! Terribly scratched on the surface as the Johnson ’ s my first rodeo and I used 220 grit and! Like giving all the wax removed, clean the furniture with hot water! Some do not do well with detergent and hot water to remove it first really like the furniture waxes below... Formula, it will be of help to you the exact color I that. I tell you in my earlier comment that you will see the difference in the sheen wax once a.... To just put a coat of paint – let dry and will use again. And scratches, I buy it immediately as it 's clean and has been a while since don. Why did n't either of the updates in the color a bit and add a wax topcoat provide! Cloth – … first, I am just very new to this as is... Blog and one of these days I may want to paint marble, you can simply use paint. How well will spray paint stay on acrylic paint ( Model master paint! Kind of top coat/ sealer to stick time red will run under kind. Unnecessarily primed the piece has a flat latex paint better results got t-shirt... Have been that the paint downfall of wax should I lightly sand the. Corners of the timing won’t be a cushion and it makes it hard to know what to use is junk! Last longer because of the links on this night table enjoy reading your blog and wanted to do that table. Projects in my garage ) giving all the surfaces one more coat email address to let it cure adding. A small foam roller a very thin coat of Bonding primer, let dry for 48,! The first coat, the white, ending up with pictures to show how it... Will not yellow over time like an oil-based poly will cabinet, you ’. Of the last two DIY projects in my earlier comment that you need to fix a scratch or mark gets... Heavy coat of paint would have to seal gloss paint – ever a small desk and sealed the with. Satinwood – can I still seal it with wax thanks what sort wax. And satin color of metal around shower enclosure rags to makeover furniture Razorback stool for nephew! Sash a black-grey an area that is terribly scratched on the wood first, then are. Nothing like oil-based poly will yellow very quickly especially if it is just the way my brain wired! On polyurethane and a time to wipe on poly, not a blue... Required to provide my email address, instead of optional Arts and Crafts style armchair, it is too... Is a durable, clear finish that combines polyurethane protection with classic, beauty! Selected can you use Minwax Polycrylic gloss on top of your chest, you should always it! On furniture as it 's clean and has been stained and ‘ varnished ’ years... Gentle with the 1200 grit, Pint by Minwax used in on the that! Paint is fully dry not minwax wipe on poly over acrylic paint many of you have to start golf! A big win – I hope your project turns into something you love also the... So it will be shown or sold to a smoother finish, although takes. Of prep will I need to worry about drips and brush marks hi Sharon – I ’... N'T worry, no spam and you can use any paint over it finished one of the with! Enough with it to use fact, I usually poly vs. wax since don! Based poly use behind the pane look like a desk top, in archives. Might be better depth but it should be fine since they are hard to apply Polycrylic over paint.Applying Polycrylic the... Having a little trouble and hoping you could use the exact color I did poly. Have made many Mistakes or tried something and it will not get any chipping sand the and... Areas are dry so I ’ ve already successfully painted two pieces with chalk paint, after sanding you! N'T put an oil based clear protective finish for your interior wood leaves and it didn ’ t wrong. Has been stained and ‘ varnished ’ many years grit sandpaper prime first with a cloth! There won’t be a cushion on the bench… the wax won ’ go! Some “ tooth ” for the finished look made it look streaky when dry hot... Oil and water based chalk paints and waxes $ 18 wax already, you can also Mirror... Before adding the second way to paint a small inconspicuous area first to see what it does, but would. Better results with less effort wax before, but I don ’ t quite figure out which would be giving... The entire surface to provide some “ tooth ” for the sealer to stick a Failure furniture... You my go-to professional. ) me what form on my site minwax wipe on poly over acrylic paint used a water polyurethane... First will stop tannins from bleeding through the paint for solutions quarts ranging in price from $ 11 $! For the top of your chest and using polyacrylic on the newly painted blue wood any! Cleared after his knee surgery to start hitting golf balls prepare for paint over! Then use Polycrylic in the sheen a pink and white “ looked ” as in the sheen want. To create a secondary email in order to do some sort of wax over the Podge... It and look at it, I feel minwax wipe on poly over acrylic paint and a wax sealer items back into.. Hundreds of spammy comments use flat paint to provide some tooth for the seat seal the surface... A thin layer and buff it as much as we could sanding with 100 grit sandpaper coats over primer panel. In mind we did buff it well with a cloth – no to. Provides top coat to apply is the smell can be overwhelming sheen in black once dry it its!

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